Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baptisms Coming! & Eu sinto falta comida chinesa

Ha! Rick's face is priceless. Well it sure is interesting to see where Rick is going. I´m sure that he´ll have a really funny accent (or two) when he calls/gets home. We´ll also have some time to clown around before he´s off to the field.  
This week has been great. We´ve been working with a family for a couple weeks and this Saturday the two young boys of the family will be baptized. Their dad wants to get baptized and so does the mom (she just doesn´t know when) and they are going to go to the Church and always make sure the boys stay active. One of the boys is only eleven years old and during our last lesson he bore testimony about how he felt that the Church was true upon his first visit. My companion gave him a scripture case so that he could carry his books to the Church and he cried and hugged my companion. 
A nice single mom has also accepted baptism and wasn´t at the Church this week but we bet she´ll come next week. 
Life has been good. I´m going to finish the mission here in São Pedro. Friday we´ll have zone conference and I’ll bear my testimony in front of the zone. That´s gonna make me cry.
I´m not trunky. However ... I can´t wait for the day I´ll be able to eat Chinese food.   
About that picture - no mom.  That´s a Brazilian Elder who some people confuse me with. If the picture were any bigger you´d see it´s not me.

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