Monday, December 3, 2012

A teaching pool

Hey Everybody,
Well, this weekend we invited a woman that we've been visiting and reactivating and her husband is frequenting and investigating the Church. The same man who visited last week didn't make it this week but he should be at Church with his wife next week. We managed to get a lot of semi active people to come this week. Another great thing is that I just found out that there's a nice lady who wants to hear our messages and be baptized (I haven't met her yet) that we're going to start teaching this week.
We usually just eat something at home on P-day but we have some investigators who make lunch for us on P-day so we shared a message with them today it's going well.
There's a ton of Christmas decorations in the center of town. I'll make sure to take pictures. There's no snow... It's sooooo hot today. I feel like I'm melting. The funny thing is that my companion is kind of chubby but he's from a place that's usually even hotter and so he barely even sweats. I, on the other hand, suffer in this heat.
One of the ladies in the ward was talking about how her daughter was taking the disscussions but she (the lady) would hide herself inside the house and didn't want to hear. Then she said how she was going through a lot of problems and heard one of the Elders talking and said it just sounded right and she entered in the main room and starting listening to the message. Now she's baptized and happy. It's nice to hear some good stories from time to time.
The branch is small but we're fighting to make a difference here. I'm trying to work as hard as I ever have.
I know that this Church is true.
As for whether or not Rick should head out before I get home or not, I'd say that's up to him. One thing that's funny is that the mission passes by fast and that after the first while there's not really any homesickness. I think that when I get home it'll be a lot different but I don't think Rick will percieve it too much if he's out working hard. But it's all up to him.
- Elder Hanson