Monday, February 4, 2013

Plugging along

Well I sat down today to write this email home and I noticed that the computer chair was really low and so I fixed that. Then I remembered how I always used to lower the computer chair at home and you guys hated it! I don´t have that habit anymore but it was funny to remember. 
This week we had a district meeting in a different chapel than last transfer (the districts and division were changed.) We have to take a bus to Santa Maria for district meeting and with this new chapel we had a hard time getting there on time. In fact we got there late. It´s all okay though. Tomorrow we´ll be there on time. 
This last week we also had a zone conference. I learned a lot and we tried really hard during the week. It´s crazy to think that next Zone Conference will be my last. 
We´ve got some new investigators. This week we´ll also be teaching a lot of lessons with members. 
Some lady came up to us yesterday and said that she´d love to come to Church but because it was at nine in the morning she didn´t think she´d go. She said she sleeps late and I told her to make an exception for Sundays. She said if God wants her to go this next week then he´ll wake her up. I told her that God helps those who helps themselves and she said that I was right. Then she called me and my companion hunks. That´s sort of how it would be translated to English. She used the word bonitão which means big beautiful.
Everyone has been noticing that I have some white hair already. Just like Adam and Uncle Bruce.
Cicero should be getting baptized on the fifteenth. Maybe his baptism will end up at the end of the month to coincide with an activity though. 
Love, Elder Hanson

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