Sunday, February 3, 2013

December 10 - with pictures!

Well mom,
I haven´t gotten your package yet but I might get it this week at District Meeting. We´ve had a new investigator come to Church every week for the last three weeks. The thing is that the first one who came two weeks ago is traveling and the investigator who came last week had a work emergency but I think we´ll have all three investigators and some others next week. we invited a bunch of people this week who didn´t end up coming but the investigator who did come ... well he´s new. He just sort of showed up at the Church on saturday and they happened to be having an activity (he thought it was always open and felt like checking it out) we invited him to come on sunday and he did. He seems really interested and we´ll see where it all goes. There´s a non member family who makes us lunch on P-day and they accept the messages but they are always in a hurry after lunch so we haven´t taught them much yet. 
As an early Christmas Present we took a bunch of pictures.  

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