Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 14, 2013

Well you never know where Rick could go. I heard about a guy who baptized two hundred in Utah last year. So if Rick's blessing says he´s going to baptize many it doesn't mean he has to leave the country. If he went to Brazil that´d be cool though! So my companion is here more time in the area and I think he´ll be transferred this next week but I might stay another transfer. We don´t know yet.
It sounds like you guys are having fun now that the van is having problems. With Rick having to bum rides from you guys it´s like he´s in the seminary car again. 
I´m going to try to have a good successful week. Pray for us and I´ll pray for you guys to have a successful week too.
Well there´s a week left in the transfer. I don´t know if I´ll be transferred at the end of the transfer or in the next one. Dad told me about Rick´s Patriarchal blessing. That´s exciting!
This week we didn´t really find anyone knew or anything. It was sort of cool though, because we and the members went around to the inactive men in the branch to distribute this years manual and then we invited them out to this next Sunday.
It´s hard working with in-actives but there´s not as many in the branch as some other wards and branches I´ve been through. 
Not too much to talk about this week. I love you guys. 
- Elder Hanson

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