Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 21, 2013

Ivy? Well it seems like there´s some real freedom with names going on here. No one from the family will be able to criticize me when I name my kids after lesser known Bible characters (Asher here we come) or if I give one of my daughters a Brazilian name (Like Ana Paula). Of course my wife will have a say in all this too.
So we were teaching a guy a few weeks ago who was really interested but then he didn´t want to continue. The cool thing is that this same guy found us on the street this weekend and came up to say that we were right. Then we spoke with him a bit more and we marked his baptismal date. 
We´re also finding a few other people and we´re trying to reactivate some others. 
I have no clue if I´ll be transferred or not. I found out today later this afternoon.
Because I´ll be coming home on April 9th, I need to know

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  1. Ivy isn't that weird of a name. But Brent and I are the ones who chose it so we obviously like it a lot.