Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bright future

Well I´m sure Rick will get his call this week. I´m anxious to know where he´s going. I can´t believe that Mckenna will be speaking Chinese. That´s awesome. I remember the story I heard at the CTM of an Elder who wanted to give up because of problems learning Portuguese. His instructor told him to give it one more chance and he agreed. The funny thing is that the next day, the instructor sent him to study with the Elders who were learning Chinese. After just a few hours the Elder ran up to the instructor and told him that he´d have no problem learning Portuguese.
Elder Hollandsworth and I will be getting home on the same day. I would assume that Elder Jensen will be there too, but I don´t know.
Recently we found a family and yesterday they came to Church. The couple and their three boys seem to really be enjoying things there. Ciçero wasn´t at Church yesterday but I think he was out of town. We´re teaching the non-member spouses of a few members and the future looks bright.  The father in this family that we´re teaching offered a humble prayer after our lesson on Saturday and it was really great to see the spirit instructing and inspiring him. 
Time was passing by real fast but now not so much. That´s good because I´ve been wanting time to slow down a bit here towards the end of the mission.
Love, Elder Hanson

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