Sunday, February 3, 2013

December 18, 2012

Well Sunday we had an Investigator. He´s the same one who came the Sunday before. He´s real interested and we have a lesson with him today. After Church we had lunch at a member family house and they had already prepared a cake for me and everything. Yesterday was a Zone Conference with a Secret Santa sort of activity afterwards. So today is p-day and that is why I didn´t write yesterday. 
Well since today is P-day we went to the Super-Market to buy some things and we saw our Investigator Ciçero just happened to be passing by in the street. We talked for him a moment and it´s good because we joked and are developing a friendly climate. We are going to visit him today at six. The cool thing is that he´s already expressed interest in doing divisions/splits with us. Of course, he´ll have to learn more and be baptized before that. Ciçero´s brother is married and was investigating the Church before I got here. Unfortunately, when the Elders and members of the Church spoke about marriage this couple just sort of stopped going to Church and disappeared. If everything goes right with Ciçero, we can maybe teach a lesson with him to his brother and his sister in law.
I don´t think I´ll be able to use a webcam this year. <insert angry scream from Devin's mother> The problem is that none of the members have one. I´ll make sure to give you guys a number on P-day that you guys will call on the next day (Christmas!) and you should buy a phone card like the last times. 
Love, Elder H

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