Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 28, 2013

Well I wasn´t transferred but my companion was. I now have a new companion named Elder Mattias (as in the Apostle Matthias who replaced Judas Iscariot). He´s a lot of fun and a good teacher. He´s got another year left of his mission. I found out that one of the guys I baptized at the start of my mission - Valnei - is snow the councilor to the branch president in São Borja. Marçelo and Kelly are also a family which I taught (I was transferred before I got to baptize them) who are really active. We´re teaching a guy named Ciçero here (the same guy who we´ve been teaching a while). I gave him doctrine and covenants last week and he already read it (ALL OF IT!). Ofcouse I think he read it so fast that it mostly just left him with questions. His baptism is coming up!    
It´s a real tragedy what happened to that nightclub. I heard that it was really tiny and so when the fire happened and everyone tried to get out at the same time it just didn´t work. The body gaurds also didn´t let people leave at first because there were some who hadn´t payed yet. Because of the fire, the Church is helping out and our zone conference was moved from today to later in the week. 
Elder Hollandsworth is my District Leader. We´ll see how it all goes tommorow in district meeting.
Tell Tyler I hope he´s feeling better and that I want him to have a happy birthday. Tell Rick I´m proud of him!

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