Monday, February 11, 2013

It's going well

Well this week we found a new family. They are fantastic (before I get you too excited though, they didn´t come to Church yet). They really felt the spirit and liked us and the member that we were teaching the lesson with. At the end they all went out to the front of the house and watched us (big smiles on their faces) as we went away. We found this family through a member. He was giving a ride to some people he worked with and he put on some Church hymns. One of the women he works with started asking questions about the Church and said that she felt so good with those hymns in the car. He took down her address and we went with him to visit the woman’s family. They were going to go to the Church yesterday but something must have gone wrong. 
Ciçero came to Church! He shaved and got a haircut. He´s looking sharp. I´ve seen that he´s changed a lot and has a genuine desire to follow Jesus Christ. 
The mission is hard but very rewarding. I know that if I wasn´t here there´s so many things that I wouldn´t have learned. From big lessons to little things I´ve noticed, the mission has been so important to me and I knew even when I was just starting that what I´ve learned and the changes I´ve experienced are things I couldn´t get anywhere else. I don´t know how many BIG miracles or experiences I´ve had but there´s so many times I just feel grateful to have the gift of the holy ghost and for knowing what I know. 
I remember waking up this week and saying my prayers and just feeling so grateful for that very real communication that I have with my Heavenly Father. I have come to know God the Father and Jesus Christ and I really recognize Christ’s role as Savior and mediator in my life. It´s also been in this area that I had one of my strongest testimony building experiences. I was in our small apartment about to go to bed and I just felt the real truth behind what we do. I felt the spirit so strongly. It was something simple but undeniable. 
I haven´t baptized many. But most of those I´ve baptized are active and prospering in this Gospel. Another miracle is my ability to speak Portuguese. People confuse me with a Brazilian sometimes and I can understand  everything, I can testify and I can even joke around. I know that this is a miracle because it required a lot of prayer at the beginning and now I pick everything up like a snap. 
Correct my grammar. I know that some of what I´m typing seems weird. It´s because I don´t usually speak English around here.

Well it´s funny that you´re going to serve a pork roast for the missionaries. Some lady from our ward was saying that because the Lord said in the Old Testament that his saints shouldn´t eat pork -and because He doesn´t change- she doesn´t eat pork. We laughed and tried to tell her that those things were fulfilled in the Lord but we were wasting our breath. 

You don´t have to worry about me messing around on the computer too much. I know that there´s all in one computers that make using a webcam/skype super easy and has some other neat stuff. I also don´t know how things have changed. I heard there´s already a windows 8. Shows how long I´ve been gone. 
Tell Rick I think the hardest thing about getting your wisdom teeth out is not even being able to slurp noodles. If I remember correctly I was eating pure broth for a while.

Love you all, Elder Hanson

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  1. Glad you're continuing to make a difference with Cicero and the new family. We continue to pray for you and love you.