Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 11, 2013

Cicero stopped coming to Church a while ago. He´s not progressing and we had to stop visiting him. 
One of the little boys that we were going to baptize has been coming to Church every Sunday. His family hasn´t come for the last two weeks. They think it´s too soon to baptize him or they want to all get baptized as a family or something along those lines. The parents would have to get married (which is something we want) but that takes at least a month for the papers to get back and they haven´t even started. 
One family from Quaraí has moved to São Pedro. They´d been inactive for about ten years. Now they are becoming active here and we will be baptizing their daughter who is now 12. 
We taught a lesson to a nice family yeterday. The good thing is that the branch president came along with us and it was clear that the spirit was felt there. 
I love you guys so much! The mission really does transform us. I wouldn´t trade anything for the experiences I´ve had here and I always knew the Church was true but my testimony has really taken shape here. My emails have been shorter because we´re not making much progress here. I´m sure that after I get home, some of the people 
I´ve been working with will be baptized. 
- Elder Hanson

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