Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Well mom, I´d like you to mark that appointment. You´re certainly right that our missions teach us more than just a thing or two. I certainly understand the scriptures a lot more. It´s exciting because every time I read them, I discover so many things. It´ll be great to see how Rick will start to understand and use the scriptures more and more. I started reading the Book of Mormon again. I´ve already read through it a few times and I read the whole old testament while I´ve been out here. 
It really doesn´t seem like I´ll be home in a couple weeks. I´m having trouble getting that through my head. My whole mission has gone by really quickly and I wouldn´t say that it´s going by slowly now but I just feel like I have to have more time here. I guess I won´t be that excited about coming home until I´m on the plane and it finally "hits" me. 
Things are slow around here as usual. We have some families that need to get married and some youth who can't be baptized while their parents don´t let them. I feel like next transfer my companion and his new companion will have a good number of baptisms though.
I guess I can´t think of much to write because I feel so weird now that I´m going home soon. Lots of people are going to make me cake and things before I go though =)
I love you guys.
- Elder Hanson 

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