Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time to kick up the language a notch - Gringo movin in

Well, none of our investigators went to the Church on Sunday. We´re working with a really great family. We invited them to an activity and the mom took off work. Unfortunately, one of the little girls in the ward had a birthday party and so our activity was cancelled one day before it was supposed to happen just so that everyone could go to the birthday party. We received a couple references this Sunday and we´re going to contact and teach them this week. I think that this transfer (which starts tomorrow) will be a good one.
So I´m staying here in Trancredo Neves and my companion will be transferred for an area very far away. He was wanting a change of scene so I think it´ll be good for him. I found out today about my new companion but it looks like he´s American.  Do I really speak Portuguese well enough? Does he? Well, it´ll be an adventure that´s for sure. At this point pretty much everyone can understand all the things I´m trying to say. I just need to work on polishing my abilities.
It snowed? Living here, it´s hard to imagine that snow exists. Of course it´s already going to get a bit colder and eventually it´ll be freezing cold here. There´s not really a middle ground - when it´s summer you pray for winter and when it´s winter you pray for summer. Right now, I´m in the "pray for winter" phase.

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