Monday, February 13, 2012

The 'Elect' have to be here somewhere

Well, things are going interestingly. One of the families we were
working with "chose not to carry on/ take a break". So I´m not too
pleased about that. We have one family that we´re working with that
might come through on things. I´ll be going on a devision with our
district leader tommorrow and Wednesday. We´re on the hunt for new
investigators (after a lot of people went cold on us). We´re not giving
up yet. I´m praying and studying a lot. I know the Lord can work some
Elder Costa is a member of the Presidency of the Seventy and he´s the
leader/authority in the Brazil. He´s in the middle of the picture I´m
going to send. He and his wife are terrific leaders, teachers and
saints. When I introduced myself to Elder Costa I didn´t know that he
spoke English (at least not well) but he looked at my name tag and said
in English "That´s a great name, It´s almost like handsome" (That´s
right dad, it´s not just the high priests in our stake - but the joke
has caught on with the general authorities in other countries).
Not too much out of the ordinary here. I´ll let you guys know about
things next week.
Love you guys
- Devin

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