Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Going Well...

Ha! Mom... it really is impressive how you get yourself in to trouble
so often. (referring to multi-car accident).
Well, my companion will probably be transferred this next
week and I´ll most likely stay here. Tonight, I´m going to watch
"Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" with a family. They are
terrific, and really interested in the lessons. We´ve also got a
couple of families that I found this week when I was on division with the
District Leader. I´m praying, studying and trying to humble myself - I
think that there´s a few families here in my area who will accept the
gospel before I´m transferred out of here!
In April, we´re going to receive a visit from an Apostle. They haven´t
told us which one yet but he´s supposed to come to our stake here. I´m
also excited for General Conference. It seems like the other day that
we had the last general conference. My mission is passing by fast, too
fast! I´ll try and take pictures a lot this week because it´s probably
my last week with this companion and I have some member and
investigator families with whom I´d like to to take some pictures.
Love you all, Elder Hanson

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