Monday, February 6, 2012

Elder Costa is visiting

Well things are good. We´re getting some references and I think less of our lessons will fall through this week. One of the families we were teaching has a "friend" who said a whole bunch of stuff against the Church including that we baptize in the name of Joseph Smith. Terrific huh? I managed to salvage some things and we have another lesson with the family. It should be alright.
This week we attended stake conference and wow... there was a lot of people there. The speakers were great and there was even a choir from (I think the Porto Alegre mission) The President of the Porto Alegre Temple spoke there with his wife, Our Mission President also spoke and at the end... A Brazilian Seventy named Elder Costa spoke. It was terrific. It was terrific to see a lot of people and everything so organized. When we all got up as a congregation to sing "Teach me to walk in the Light" (Which clearly has different words in Portuguese) I felt the spirit very strongly. I also felt it very strongly during all the talks. None of our investigators made it out (it was a different building) but some of the other Elder's investigators did.
Tomorrow we (The Missionaries) will have a training with Elder Costa (The Seventy from Brazil). I´m excited. The work's tough but we´re getting some references and setting some goals. The Zone has sent out some numbers that we should be matching as a zone but a lot of people are having trouble doing this around here because few people are letting the missionaries in.
I heard a new Spider-Man is coming out. NONE of you are allowed to watch it until I get home <crosses arms stubbornly>.
I´m starting to do a better job with my journal. There´s some days where there just isnt time but I´m doing better about it now. I´ll have to gather up another bundle of pictures from my companions (because they take more pictures than I do) to send home next week.
Love you all.
Mom: Could you let me know the Hillstead’s Address?   

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