Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Stuff

Hey there family,
Well I found out that a young investigator I was teaching way back in Ijui was baptized shortly after I was transferred from there and he wants to serve a mission and get married in the temple (that´s what every missionary wants to hear isn´t it?) and after Guilhermie (who I had baptized in Ijui) started to go a bit inactive, this guy brought him back to Church. I´m happy.
So I guess I should have mentioned this earlier and I´m surprised I didn´t but I´ve been Senior companion for a while. This will be my third transfer as Senior and I´d just forgotten to say anything. 
This week we had a terrific training meeting with our mission President and lunch was good also. We taught a really spiritually powerful lesson to one of our investigator families this week. Unfortunately some neighbors did some talking and I think that our investigators got some cold feet and that´s why they didn´t show this week at Church. Still our group of investigators is pretty good and we´re going to work hard this week to add to it. My companion (Elder Santana) and I issued a training for this fifth Sunday. The Bishop and the members really seem like they want to help and give us some good references.
 My slacks are becoming dyed/bleached because of all the walking I´m doing in the sun. There´s usually not even a cloud in the sky.
 Mom: You can also tell Cemmy that I got her crocheted snowflakes. I´m only about thirty minutes by bus from the mission home.
Short post this week. Love you guys.

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