Monday, January 9, 2012

Not much happenin' but lots of pictures - 1/2/12

Hey Guys,
I love you all a whole bunch. The mission´s going well. I´m really learning some things and I´m really trying to change for the better. The language is coming along and I´m working harder and harder to better my work, my teaching skills and my organization. The work is going alright. I mean I´m not really having success lately with finding people/getting people to go to the Church but I just need to have faith and humble myself. It´ll all work out.
I´m making some great relationships with the members and Elders. In about two weeks we have our transfers.  By then I´ll have been here for four and a half months, I´m wondering if I can take knocking doors (FRUITLESSLY! GRR) for another transfer or if I´ll go somewhere else this transfer. I´ll only know the day before the transfer.
I know this area is great because there´s a lot of good people in it. I´m just not having success here. Who knows twenty years from now they could have a bunch of stakes here.  I think with how hot the sun is, it  makes me a little bit overwhelmed with the work sometimes. I´d really like an overcast day all the way from Shoreline.
Today I played soccer in a sandy field with a bunch of teens and younger kids. I´m still terrible at soccer. We´re going to try to teach a bunch of lessons to the kids and their families. (That´s if their parents will let us in)
Love, Elder Hanson

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