Monday, January 9, 2012

Short but things are lookin up

Glad to hear from you.  I'm really starting to win some little battles.  The language keeps coming along and Juliano (an investigator of ours) came to Church.  We're teaching him all the commandments now.  I think it's going well.  Five other investigators gave me their word that they'd come this Sunday but they didn't.  Still, I'm excited about Jiliano.  About a week from now we're going to have a transfer.  I've been here for about four and a half months now.  Maybe I'll continue here or maybe I'll be transferred.  I'll only know next week.  I'm hoping to baptize Juliano, but at the same time, I might be needed somewhere else.  I'm praying and really trying to grow out here.  Thank you for all the help and support.

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