Monday, January 16, 2012


Well I´m glad to hear from you and I´m thankful that you forwarded some things that my friends have been saying from facebook. I´ll end up writing to a lot of people when I get the time. Well the news dropped today that I´ll be transferred to Santa Maria in the Tranquedo Neves area. My new companion will be Elder Santana (I´ll make sure to ask him if he plays guitar) and it should be an exciting new area. I´m ready for new challenges and hoping for some success. I´ll miss a lot of people in this area but I´m looking forward to a bit of a change. I´m starting to really come along with my memorization and mastery of the scriptures. I need to become more humble and really better myself out here. I´m happy and I´m doing well.
Well we´ve been going with Juliano to Church and he´s been liking it. I hope that the rest of all the lessons on the commandments go well. I´m sure he´ll be baptized in this next transfer. Unfortunately, I´ll be far away when all that happens.
Wish me luck this week.
Love, Elder H.

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