Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas coming?

Because I´ve been taking on a lot of sun I got an infection/inflammation in my ears which was giving me a headache towards the back of the head. I´m taking medicine and I´ll be fine. I also had LOW blood pressure but I´m eating right and taking vitamins and stuff. It´s all fine.
So the work's getting interesting. I´m going to work my head off this week and this month. My mission President was saying that because it´s Christmas time people are much more spiritually receptive this time of the year. It´s a humid 100 degrees and will get hotter in December. For me, It couldn´t feel any less like Christmas is just around the corner. I´m not seeing any decorations in my smaller part of town nor in their moderately sized downtown-ish area. I´m sure that eventually they´ll put some up downtown but I wouldn´t be surprised if I don´t even see a single lawn reindeer this Christmas in my area.
So we´ve been working and working. In the midst of all the lessons we´re finally working with someone who understands our messages and the importance and is actually praying to receive an answer. He´s one of the Lord's elect. We need to find more people who can progress. I know that there are people praying and looking for the Gospel. I just need to be a better "hunter and fisher who will search for them in the mountains, rocks and caves"
I´m working hard, I have hope and faith and I love this people.
So... I didn´t even think about Thanksgiving this week. I´ve seen some houses that have chickens and turkeys running around. Some of them are HUGE and some are strange breeds with weird looking heads. I´ve never eaten turkey here though.
Try not to tell me too much about Christmas.
Love, Elder Hanson

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  1. Glad things are going well for you and you're not struggling too much with the holidays. We love you and wish you a merry Christmas!