Monday, November 14, 2011

Sounds like a state-side mission

The work’s doing well. I was working with someone named Marcelo, he and his nine year old daughter will be baptized and the rest of the family who are all baptized are returning to Church and becoming active again. My area was divided and now Marcello is in the area of the other Elders. I really feel like Marcelo has potential to be a Stake President or some great young men’s leader some day. He and his family will do great work in their small branch. I was also working with others who will be baptized and because of the division, the other Elders will be baptizing. That´s how it goes sometimes.
My companion and I taught 35 lessons last week. I´m getting better with the first lesson. I´ve been issuing the invites/challenges for baptism. It´s good that we´re working hard and practicing but I think maybe only one has a little bit of potential out of all the people that we taught last week. I think things will go well this week. I´m really hoping.
So a lot of people say that my Portuguese is a lot better than that of other Elders with more time. I still feel like I only know about 3% of the language but I´m picking up a lot of little things every day. Hope everything is going well there. I intend to study all the missionary library and those teachings of the prophets manuals in Portuguese after the mission so that I can really perfect my language skills. "Jesus the Christ" in Portuguese... now that´s an obstacle.
I got a haircut yesterday. I´ll send a picture next week along with some others.
You know mom, it´s funny, but i actually always eat salad here. Tomorrow we´re having a barbecue with some members. Thanksgiving is a complete mystery to the people around here.  I don't think we'll be doing that.
So, the picture of Adam standing with me at my baptism is where? Because I think it was in my room when I left. I shudder to think that it´s lost.
So Brazil is like ... very receptive to the missionaries. Nearly every return missionary that I´ve bumped in to has various stories of baptising like a young pastor who was converted and went on a mission. One of the Elders here in my district was only a member for a year and went directly for the mission. Now, he´s almost got more time in the Church as a missionary than a normal member. You also hear about people who baptise three hundred people each when they go on their missions. Brazil is very receptive... IN EVERY PLACE EXCEPT FOR MINE. I´m in a place where the goal of the entire mission is less than some districts in other parts of Brazil. No one gives us references and people steadily leave the church at the same rate that people enter. I´m doing everything I can to put some momentum in these branches and wards. It´s hard because my mission is just knocking doors 24 hours a day but I´m happy because right after I was transferred from Ijui some of my work paid off and many people who I worked with there were baptised.
Love you all!

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