Monday, November 21, 2011

Plugging along

So this week Karen (the daughter of Marcelo and Kelly) was baptized. Terrific experience. Elder Janssen baptized her and my Companion and I along with the Elders from the other area sang "tal como um facho" (The Spirit of God) at the baptism. I sang the first verse in English (because the younger kids of the branch like to listen to English) then we all joined together for the other verses in Portuguese. The Spirit was very strong and I really do feel a bond with all these people. We're trying our hardest to build up our branch.
The attendance in our branch was very weak yesterday. Thankfully Valnei hasn´t missed a Sunday yet, is passing the sacrament, and bought a suit jacket. I´m happy. It´s tough because there´s a lot of feet dragging in the branch but there was a good talk on missionary work given by the Ward Missionary Leader and the President of the branch said he´d like to get rid of that "Church of the Missionaries which is different from the Church of the Members" feeling in the branch. He´s going to get out the mile long list of in-actives and part member families.
I haven´t been able to work much this week. I´ve had the worst headache. Somebody thought it was high blood pressure. I´m young, thin, and trying my best to eat right when all they serve is meat. So I went for a small check up where they took my blood pressure and they said it´s actually Low. They said it´s not THAT low and shouldn´t be much of a problem but I´m suffering and the English speaking mission doctor will give me a call later today. Everything will be fine. No worries.
The other branch that I was working in before the area division has people practically jumping in the water but I was helping some of these people prepare before the division. I´m happy that some progress is happening in this city.
My mission President is a very inspiring, sophisticated man. I went to the missions specialized training meeting and he lead the training. It was exciting because he´s intelligent and uses some complicated words but I´m getting to the point where I can understand pretty much everything.
I won´t get all mopey about the work, there´s a challenge here but I like a challenge.
It´s not going to work out to send pictures this week either ha. Yell at the computer screen. Sorry.
Love you all!

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