Monday, November 7, 2011


Good to hear from you. The work's going well.  Another Elder arrived yesterday and so now it´s four living in the same house. The companion of Elder Janssen is Elder Natividade- (Nativity in English)  I was working in  a very large area with one companion and then with two companions and now I ´m back to having one companion and the area has been divided between us and the two other missionaries.   I was working with a lot of families who fall in what is now the area of the other missionaries. Make no mistake, the lessons are sinking in. My companion and I need to get a lot of new investigators in our area.  
That´s exciting to hear about Elder Neil Anderson coming to speak at Shoreline Stake Conference! We´re working hard here. I´ve been teaching a few great families. I know that mom wants pictures but I´ll be sure to take a lot of them this week. There´s some trees that have monkeys in them.  We´re going to have a few family nights and other activities with part member families this week so I´ll make sure to take lots of pictures. Now that we´ve got the four Elders in the house we´ll be sure to take some group photos also.
I know the Church is true. There´s a real calm that sweeps over you when you´re doing the work. We all need to put our shoulders to the wheel. Presidente Hinckley said something about missionary work along the lines of : "Your work is one of the most important kinds that exists. Your responsibilities in your sphere are as important as my responsibilities in my sphere." I know that the ward is receiving blessings from the hard work that´s being done there and because of the Elders from that ward who are serving.
We taught an in depth lesson about the Restoration on Saturday to a family. I then left a copy of the other side of Heaven with the family. Things are great! Sadly the couple couldn´t make it to church on Sunday because the mother was sick but three of the four kids were there. Valnei hasn´t missed a Sunday yet.
I think about Adam often, It´s not the same pain though while you´re on the mission. You have a bit more assurance or comfort while you´re out here. Make sure to have Heather drop me a line sometime. 
It´s extremely hot with a hot, sticky air that seems to rise from off the ground and sometimes there´s a burning wind. It´s only supposed to get hotter. I figured it out: It´s going to get up to an average of 103 a little while from now.
I´m really coming along with the language. I still have a lot of work to do but the Missionaries and many of our investigators understand me well.  Of course I´ve still got a lot of work to do but I´m starting to understand a lot of the more complex stuff.  I´m sure this email is full of errors but it´s becoming more and more unnatural to think in English. Recently I had to translate the words of my district leader for an American Elder. It was funny because I was speaking a bizarre mix of Portuguese and English and I had to really concentrate to speak English.
Love, Elder Hanson


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