Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blessings are available to all

So this week I had the opportunity to see the baptism of two people - a young man and a little girl. I gave a small talk on the ordinance of baptism. It´s exciting to see that, no matter what part of the world you´re in, the Spirit testifies strongly of the truth and the Lord extends His covenants to all His children.
The work's been slow lately, we´re starting a new transfer and ready to work Hard. I know that the Lord's elects are out here. It´s a bit discouraging to see how many people have been baptized into my branch and left the Church shortly after in this year alone, but with work and faith the members start to stay strong in their faith.
I love the Church and I´m really working hard to follow the inspiration of the Spirit and teach how I need to teach, not how I might think I should teach.  We never get any members to come with us to meet investigators, that would help if they did.
I bet Christmas will be exciting! So I´m not sending pictures this week but next week I´m going to get together pictures from my camera as well as the cameras of other Elders and I´m also going to decorate for Christmas today. You´ll have to see the decorations next week.
It´s constantly hot. It will get to be well over a hundred degrees here during December. The language is coming along. It´s an uphill battle in every sense, but I´m loving it.    
In answer to your question, I haven´t ever seen a Brazil nut here. Who knows if they actually grow here.
Love, Elder Hanson

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