Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pictures of Beatriz's Baptism

Well, this week was interesting. There´s a boy named Christian who should be getting baptized within the next two weeks.  There was only a couple people who went to Sacrament meeting this week. We plan on a combined baptism with Christian and a few other youth on the same day. We just have teach a few more principals to make sure they are all prepared.
We really want to find a family. As soon as we baptized Beatriz we started inviting her son to things. He went to a Super-Saturday. I hope he starts going to the Church on Sunday. We hope to complete the small family!
I´m studying and understanding a lot of principals in the Book of Mormon and the Bible that I didn´t understand before. I´m humbling myself and want to become a better missionary. Hold tight because I´m going to send a few pictures your way.
Love you all.
Pictures of the Zone

 Beatriz and Elder Hanson


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  1. It was fun to put a face to Beatriz's name. I'm happy for her and for you that you were able to baptize her. Our family will start praying that you find a family to teach and we'll continue to pray for Christian and the other youth that you are trying to ready for baptism.