Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Well we had district conference here in Quarai on Sunday. The mission president spoke and presided and then on the next day we had a mission zone conference which was again with President of course. P-day was moved today.
Some of the youth that we´re working with really are pretty special and we´re going to mark their baptismal dates for two Saturdays from now. One of them just turned 18 and while his mom didn´t want him to get baptized before (she thought he was too immature to make the decision even though she baptized him as a baby in the catholic church), now it should all work out for him to get baptized this month.
It´s been pretty decent weather and some days have even been pretty hot. Winter seems to have ended already. I´ll be staying this other transfer in Quarai. I don´t think I´ll be staying here more than three transfers.
Last week there was an activity at the Church where we watched some movie called "facing the giants" it´s about football and it´s obviously by some other Christian Church. You guys should check it out because it´s funny.
There´s apparently a blind guy in Quarai who´s faking it. I said hello and asked what his name was and he told me he didn´t have a name and uncomfortably scampered off. He now crosses to the other side of the street from very far away when we´re around. He has no way of knowing it´s us.
Lot´s of people were already baptized in Quarai. It´s a small town and has a pretty weak number of people who are active. If you got all the in-actives together you´d have a few stakes. Lot´s of people just don´t tell you they were already baptized. Lot´s of the really strong members just don´t live here anymore. For instance there´s a couple from here that are serving as mission president in Porto Alegre now. The leadership here is in up to their eye balls in work and reactivation but they are all dedicated great people.
We´re trying to find a few families to baptize.

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