Monday, August 13, 2012

From week July 31 to August 6

Well this week we had six investigators in sacrament meeting! The week was a bit unproductive but today is the start of a new transfer and no one from the district was transferred. This is good because I like the members, my companion and the senior missionary couple. We had lunch with the senior missionaries today. The president from one of the branches that we´re working in also had lunch with us. he´s a cool guy. 
Well Beatriz´s son Williom came to Sacrament meeting. We´ll see how it goes down. Christian and Fabiano are two young men who - if everything goes right - should be baptized two weeks from now (after the district conference).
We play ping pong on P-days in the chapel now and a lot of boys come to the church to play soccer. It was great because this week we invited some of the guys for a short message in the chapel and we used a chalk board to teach.
Fabiano is one of the young men who´s taking the messages and goes to the Church. He really seems to understand and to grasp things. He´s following through with commitments.
I hope you´re all happy at home. I´m happy here and chipping away at things.
Is the ward growing over there? Good luck at girls camp Mom.
Love, Elder H.

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