Monday, July 23, 2012

More good coming up

We came straight from Morning Ping-Pong in the Chapel, to lunch, to Internet so we didn´t bring our camera´s this time.
There´s one youth named Christian who wasn´t able to be baptized before but on the 9th of August we will baptize him. His mom never let him but now he´s turning 18. He´s got a good head on his shoulders and know´s the Church is true. His mom won´t do anything drastic but she won´t support him in his decision I´m afraid. We´ve been teaching him in the chapel. We´ve also been teaching other youth who are coming to seminary and soccer at the Church. We teach with the chalk board. It´s great because everybody understands a little better. We should be able to baptize four this next month. We´ll see how it goes.
Beatriz´s son Williom is sort of a wallflower and didn´t want to come to the Church or activities just yet. One of the branch girls came to invite him to a super Saturday and he loved it. He´s going to go to the church now. We´ll start teaching him too. 
Last week on P-day we had lunch at the couple missionary´s house. Elder Philipeli (The husband) told us that, in his last area,  he had baptized Xuxa´s sister and that she would come to visit for lunch. Xuxa (pronounced Shusha) is like a pop singer for kids that used to have her own popular children´s program. She´s so famous that even today people/tourists visit her house that she lived in as a child (the house is located in a city that belongs to the Santa Maria Mission). My companion was so excited and we ended up telling our branch president about it because it was random/funny. Our branch President wound up crashing the lunch just to see if it was true. Then our district and the branch president found out that she (who came to lunch) was just a nice lady and wasn´t Xuxa´s sister. Elder Philipelli fooled us.
Today we had the best lunch and we went with one of the Branch presidents, President André. My stomach is happy.
I love this Church. I know that it´s true. I´m reading the book of Mormon for the zillionth time. I always find more truth and light in it. Sunday we taught a woman who´s recently returning to the Church. Her family was strong in the Church and now she´s the only one who goes. She was the last one to go in active but it got hard when no one went with her. I shared the part of the message that King Benjamin spoke about the  Life of Christ and what he would go through. I feel like everyone was strengthened and that her family will return to the Church.  
  Love, Elder Hanson

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  1. How great that you have another baptism coming up. We'll be praying that his mom is supportive and soft-hearted. And thanks for your testimony, as always.