Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Renewed my Visa

Sunday night I took a bus with my companion back to Santa Maria to renew my visa. It´s a six hour bus ride. We left at six in the afternoon and got there at midnight. We then slept in the house of the Mission Secretaries. Our bus back to Quarai was for eight at night and so after we renewed my visa and ate lunch we helped around the Mission office and did contacts in the downtown area.  So last week I introduced myself to the ward in Sacrament meeting and gave a talk on obedience. It went well. Mission experience and solid scripture study really helps with planning a talk  
Some Elders and members think I´m Brazilian when they first meet me because I'm starting to speak really well. Of course, when I speak for long periods of time, everyone knows I´m American but it´s something cool to have some people think I´m from Sâo Paulo for a minute or two.        
I've always wanted to go to college then round up a spouse somewhere and come back to carry on the Hanson line in the Shoreline ward. Too bad Shoreline is such an expensive place to live. Rick should end up back in Shoreline too. We´ll make  mini-houses of Israel. Except they´ll be houses of Hanson.
My companion goes home in October and maybe I´ll stay in Quarai until he completes his mission. Quarai isn´t as bad as people say. We´re trying to work hard and we should be baptising in no time. I´m really pushing myself to be a better, more understanding teacher. I´m trying my hardest to never lose hope, even when an area is difficult. In the end of John, Jesus says how when we preach the Gospel we have to let the Lord carry us to places that we wouldn´t have gone to before.  
I love all of you. I know that this Church is true.
Elder Hanson

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