Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Phone Home...

We spent a nice afternoon talking with Elder Hanson. He truly is loving every minute of his mission.  He shared many spiritual insights.  His testimony is growing abundantly as he is helping others to find theirs.  He works with leadership in the Church who are young in their callings but are learning.  He is always busy and is happy that he is.  Since they're always on the move, he's really thin but says he loves the food, other than things with mayonnaise.  Fall is just beginning and soon it will be cold there until about September.  He will be transferred on Tuesday, May 15 and at this juncture, didn't know where he will be.  Although he will miss out on up-coming baptisms in TrancredoNeves, he knows transferring is all part of the mission and is looking forward to the next part of the journey.  Since he talked to us on Sunday, he wrote a short excerpt this week:
Well I loved talking to you guys yesterday. I won´t be able to
find out about my new area until around 3 or 4 in the afternoon here.
I´ve already talked to you guys a whole bunch because of Mother's Day
and I´m a little busy today. I will go visit some of the people who
have dates marked for baptism and I´ll also visit the recently
baptised couple. It will be tough leaving this area. I love this
Church and I love this work. Stay strong at home and remember to pray
for me.  Love, Elder H.

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