Monday, May 21, 2012


I´m the companion of Elder Carmo (from back in São Borja) again. This doesn´t normally happen but it´s happening now. Elder Carmo goes home in just a few months but we´re working hard. 
I was transferred to a place called Quarai, It´s not as tough as some other Elders said it would be. A majority of the Elder´s who call it the pit of the mission have never been here. There used to be five branches and they were fifteen priesthood holders away from a stake. Unfortunately many of the members moved away and many went inactive and now there is only three branches.
Our branch is in the Center of the city and has a decently sized group of members who are active. In the other branch areas here there are streets named after Joseph Smith and Zarahemla etc. but most of the people have already heard the message there. In our branch, there´s a fair amount of people who haven´t received the missionaries before.
I know we´ll have success here.   
The area is large. We´re on our way to baptizing a young man (18 years old) and he just needs to come to the Church again and progress a little more but he says he wants to be baptized. We´re doing a lot of contacts here to try and find new investigators.
We live really close to Uruguia and some of the other Elders went there today for P-day. I think we´ll go next week and we´ll take pictures of some things around there. There´s supposedly lots of cheap stuff around there.
We´re living in one decently sized apartment with two other companionship's (we´re six in total) and unfortunately there´s only one bathroom. How fun.
I think I´m going to eat some Churasco today.   
Love ya!

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