Monday, September 5, 2011

They think he talks a lot??? Hmmmm

Things (in terms of the work) are really picking up here. Guilhermi´s mother Selma has accepted baptism but we´re not really able to mark a date yet . Yesterday attended a testimony meeting. Things are really coming along. His mother owns a salon and talks about the missionaries to people when she cuts their hair and Guilhermi is inviting friends to the church and so all in all we´ve been getting more solid lessons. We´ve found another few special people and things are coming along. It´s tough but you have to find that handful of people who are ready to learn,seek,pray and to run with things. Alan and Leila´s wedding and baptism will be on the 24th. We still don´t know how things are going to go with transfers until a day or two before. So I´m still in Ijui and hopefully I can stay - with my companion - for another transfer. We know the people around here and can really help them, we´d also like to be around to see everything working out. The language is drastically improving. Still have so much work to do with it. I´m able to understand everyday speech pretty much perfectly, with a few words here and there not connecting. I´m learning a lot of phrases and things. Really conversing freely, like I would like, will come. Of course the Brazilian Elders are already saying that I talk a lot.   
No pictures this week. Pressed for time! I´m praying for the family and for everyone. I hope that things continue to get better and better for all of you.
Love, Elder Hanson

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