Monday, August 29, 2011

Still working on the verbage

Eai ,
Good to hear about the family and everything that´s going on.\
 So I´m really progressing with the language. This week, I´ve noticed a big leap in my understanding of everything I´m beginning to pick out a expressions and other things. I taught Principios do Evangelho (Gospel Principals) class this week again as well. I just can´t get a break, this week the lesson was on the Abrahamic Covenant. Difficult enough in my native language. I also gave a talk this Sunday and was able to gather up enough Portuguese to talk for five minutes. I know my grammar still has a lot of work to be done with it. I´m at the point where I´m comfortable enough with the language (and blessed enough with the gift of tongues) that I´m starting to really retain things, the language is sticking. I need to work so much on verbs but I´m actually starting to remember all these verbs and different forms with a lot more ease lately.
So two weeks ago we started teaching a family the Gospel. This family is amazing. Each one of them seems to care about the lessons and they understand everything. Things were going great until our last lesson. Then everything just fell through. They really like us and our messages but are having trouble making that jump to conversion. I believe that they feel that if they didn´t know it was true then it would be easier to stay as they are. So they already are starting to know but they have to continue to pray and read the Book of Mormon to gain a true testimony.
Then we started teaching one Investigator who ... well it was like the training videos we watched at the CTM. He was perfect, hungry for the gospel, like we were answering his deepest questions and that the Gospel had a familiar feeling to it because of it´s truth. So he´s committed to baptism everything’s going swimmingly. Sunday it was a sunny day, perfect for going to church and... he just didn´t go. So ... it´s really the truth that being a missionary is hard.  But I´ve worked hard this week, learned a lot, and laughed hard. I love these people. The hard times just make it easier to humble yourself lower than the dirt so that maybe you can invite these people to take these steps in their lives and maybe they´ll accept.
As for marriage of people here, It´s really not expensive. It´s around a hundred and forty dollars American I believe. It´s really not difficult, people have smart phones here but they never thought to spend the few dollars at the commencement of their relationship to be legally married. Ceremonies are rare, it´s really just signing a piece of paper. The majority of people that we ask we say "how long have you been married" then they give us a number then we say "on paper" and they say " on paper" So they aren’t married.
The Church is paying for the marriage of Alan and Leila we just have to wait for the papers to finalize. Hope I can be around after this transfer to see everything going on. Love all of you guys.  

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