Monday, August 8, 2011

Ups and downs

Hey Guys, This week was crazy. Tuesday it was bone chillingly cold and it wasn´t really raining but there was a constant cold mist coming from every direction. Next day it was just COLD and then the rest of the week it´s been scorchingly hot. So the only baptism that we would have had was of a woman who moved just before we could baptize her. She barely moved in to the next ward over. So some missionaries that we see all the time ended up baptizing her. She´s already a great member. LUCKILY my companion and I have the opportunity to teach her brother and his family. Great Family! There´s a lot of trust and progress going on there. This month is looking to be significantly more successful. There´s also a family who were taught three months ago and they accepted baptism but they had two problems. One, the ward split and two, the other elders were transferred right then. So thanks to a little confusion and the previous elders in our area not following up - until just now - this family was lost in the shuffle. We visited them and they seem interested still - JOY. The highlight of the week was when one of our families came to church. It was sunny and they were a couple with four little daughters. The little girls were all wearing pink dresses and the family were holding hands. Picture perfect. They like the church and want to be baptized. Of course the couple isn´t married yet, but they are filling out the papers. So we´re waiting the thirty or so days and I should be able to baptize them in the last couple weeks of this transfer.
We talked to one guy this week. We were discussing the authority for baptism that John the baptist had and why it was significant that Jesus Christ chose to be baptized by him. Of course he didn´t think that authority was important and told us that you could - having faith - take a shower and the Lord would accept that as a baptism. We had a lot of moot appointments and trouble with contacts then we bumped into a really perfect contact. We'll see how things go with him. I´m excited. Our first official baptism for our ward by someone we found will be Sunday. His friend who´s a member will be performing the baptism. We are working with his mother also - things look good. Have another baptism following with another kid but the kid needs to go to Church more.
The language is coming bit by bit. I know a good bit and I´m significantly better than even a week ago.
Love you all

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