Monday, August 15, 2011

Patience? Really?

A lot happened this week. The Portuguese is coming along. I´m starting to understand people better and better and things are "sticking" in my mind better now. Tell Jimmy that I´m sure that the elders in the Spanish speaking branch will come along with the language. You can also tell him that it´s gospel truth that Portuguese is more difficult than Spanish. There´s nearly an entire page in my verb book on conjugating the word for "laugh".
The people here are wonderful. I just wish I could get them to come to church. So it turns out we´re not having a baptism until next week because the person who would have been baptized this week went on a trip this Sunday. I´ve seen many beautiful things and many strange things this week. It´s been up and down again between freezing and fryingly hot. Luckily it´s more just hot and I don´t have to worry about walking to church in a suit in the rain anymore.
I´m growing a lot in my patience and understanding of people. I´m waiting patiently for the success to happen. Of course it´s a lot more than waiting! I need to act! and that´s what I try hard to do everyday. I´m studying my head off and striving to love these people with all my heart. So my companion and I opened this area. He had already had success in his other areas but here (In this city) they hadn´t had a baptism in nearly a year. Not to worry though the other sets of missionaries in this city have been having a few baptisms here and there and we´ll have ours soon enough. This week we took a bus (just for an hour ) to a conference in Cruz Alta. The ward building in Cruz Alta is literally more beautiful than temple square or a visitors center or pretty much anything anyone has ever seen before. Our ward building here is also gorgeous. I´ll pray for the family, make sure to have everyone pray for me and make sure that they pray for my investigators to stick it out with commitments. I have a few funny pictures this week. Sending them soon.      

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