Monday, September 12, 2011

Traveling on.......

So when transfers roll around, you find out whether or not you´re leaving on the day before the transfers. I´m leaving for another area. It´s too bad because the other three Elders in my apartment are staying. Would have been neat to stay around with those guys. They´re all saying how things will be a lot more stiff with me gone. My companion is sticking around in this area so he´ll be around for the upcoming wedding of our investigators and for all the baptisms of the other people we´ve been working with. I hear the guy who will be my next companion in this next area is the kind of guy that you have to sort of wind up to get going. I´ll be patient with my companion and the work of course.
So the language is coming. I can understand pretty much everything but talking freely with all the tenses and word endings that they use is a lot more difficult. There´s many different word endings for conjugating the verbs, then there´s about a thousand exceptions to these that you just have to learn. There´s also about a thousand different rules for ordering words to form a sentence. I said I could understand pretty much everything. I do pretty well but I still have so much to learn. I had spoken with American Missionaries who were nearing the end of their time here and they said that you´re fluent about four months in the field. I think that they meant you can understand things better but you still really have a lot of work to do. The Brazilians in my district say that currently they think I have the best Portuguese out of the Americans in the district. Not to gloat, we´re all progressing. I am getting frustrated with my accent. It´s good but there are some words that my mouth just can´t make currently without the Brazilians laughing.

I love you all. The mission's coming along. I´ll be praying for the family and make sure to be praying for me.  -Elder H

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