Monday, September 26, 2011

Working hard

You can see where I am now:
Google maps
Rua Cristovon Colombo n°:2197
Bairro Passo
São Borja

I think you can check out Ijui on google maps too.

Hey Family, If my spelling is bad it´s because I don´t have the best Portuguese but you really do forget all the English rules after a while.
So I woke up at Two in the morning to get on the bus to go to zone conference and on this bus ride there my facial hair already sprung up. I´m looking a little off. Oh well.
Everywhere we go is all on foot. It was the same way in Ijui but there`s more paved roads here and when they aren`t paved they are flat. So it`s a lot easier on my feet here. We only take the bus when we need to go downtown like on P-day or when we have a meeting with our district leader. We have lunch with a member usually every day aside from p-day. The chapel is very beautiful here as well. It`s all brick and carved wood. It`s really something. 

Well this week was interesting. I´ve been praying and we´ve been finding people with potential left and right. There´s a lot of potential for us to help these members strengthen the less active members as well. I said the Sacrament Prayer this week and I cried tears of joy as I heard the Priesthood holder on my side singing the sacrament hymn as we humbly broke the bread. Because we´re over two branches we have two sacrament meetings and I love it. We´ve been teaching some lessons and it´s really just up to our investigators now to humble themselves before the Lord and -through prayer- ask Him what they need to do. It´s tough because that´s really what it comes down to is just praying and asking, but it´s rare that they get out of their own way and ask to receive an answer.
 In Ijui there were nine investigators who I had been working with who were in the Church on Sunday and they're are all going to be baptized!
We had a zone conference this week and some Brazilians say that I have better Portuguese than some Americans who have more than a year out. The President was saying that he needed trainers for the twenty Americans who will be entering our mission this next transfer. He was explaining the difficulties because trainers need to be very pro-active in order to train. There´s already many Brazilians who are training and won´t be finished training other Brazilians by the next transfer. So our President is worried about placing Americans with new Americans because of the language. My previous companion spoke up in the meeting and said "Elder Hanson speaks Portuguese" (he said this in Portuguese of course). Then an American was saying how I should train. I´d love to but I really need to make leaps and bounds by next transfer then. None of this is anything more than speculation.  
It´s funny because I´m sitting here typing this email and having trouble spelling the simplest words.  
My companion is a good teacher but he´s just a TAD bit overwhelming when he teaches. He´s really kind and he´s a good help with the language.
I love you all a bunch!
Elder Hanson

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