Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Picture Catch-Up!

So we are going to go to Urugai but didn't end up going there yet.  I'll make sure to take pictures when we go there.  So this week we marked the baptismal date of a woman named Beatriz.  We're going on a ton of visits with the branch and district presidents.  The work is going well.

Here are some pictures of me back in Sao Borja with Elder Carmo

The Elder in the middle is Elder Jannsen. He looks American but is Brazilian.
These kids were in a primary program.  I taught the kid in the red shirt in Sao Borja and now he and his family have been baptized.

Here are some pictures I hadn't sent from Christmas.  The Christmas tree is a ladder with stuff on it.

We found this shiny rock (crystal).
A few recent pictures from a parade.

This is the cat that stalks us.
And the horse in front of our apartment.
This is our branch president.

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