Monday, October 10, 2011

Pray for Valnai

Hey there everybody,
So, I´ve got myself a really funky Brazilian keyboard today. We´ll see what happens. The works coming along. There´s a very humble, sweet little man named Valnai who we will be baptizing this week. Pray everything goes alright. Valnai delivers gas to peoples houses. Everyone has a propane tank hooked up on the side of their stove here. Sometimes people put a doily over them, A lot of people have Play Station 2´s here because they are cheap and play dvd´s. The funnier thing still is when women try to put a doily over the PlayStation.
This week some woman that we were teaching spoke out against the Church or rather against anyone trying to change another persons religion. She sort of belittled our missionary efforts and didn´t understand that anyone would change the religion that they were raised in. It´s important to speak up but sometimes you just realize that the people aren´t ready so I held my tongue. I knew in that moment very strongly that our message is the most important one that exists. I was disappointed at how she was shutting herself off to the message but I knew that she was confused and missing a great happiness in her life, just as all the other people who don´t have or accept this message. It´s sad because this woman was shocked that we actually believed in all the doctrines that our Church teaches and that we do this because of our own testimonies. Her Idea of religion is something imperfect by nature and that you can´t agree with all the doctrines, you just take a few pieces that you like. She doesn´t know for herself that we preach the fullness of the Gospel
It´s impressive to go to some very humble member homes and see that a picture of the Temple or the Savior are the focus of their rooms. It´s great when you see church manuals scattered on their tables and when people quote the Prophets and apostles. The missionaries and members do a great work here The people here take better advantage of the Church magazines than you could imagine. Ít´s really something. 
I love you all.

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