Monday, October 24, 2011

New Companion tomorrow

Hey Guys,
Everything is going well here. So my companion and I did a lot of good work together this last transfer. Tomorrow my companion will be transferred and I´ll be gaining a new companion. I don´t know if he´s American or Brazilian yet. We´ll also have another companionship entering the area and they´ll be staying in the same house where I´m saying. It´ll be good having four Elders together in the same house. This also means that the two branches that I was working in will be divided and so we can be a lot more effective and we don´t have to run all around. The baptism that we held last week was held for all the people being baptized in our district (collection of branches) So there were four people being baptized that day and some people from all around gathered in the building. There were some talks and welcoming, then the Elders who were baptizing presented the people who were to be baptized in the front of everyone. We were all to say a little something. I tried my best to describe our situation of finding and teaching him (Valnai).
We´ve been helping a lot of part member and inactive families. We´ve had the opportunity to invite friends and family of Valnai to his baptism and they thought that there was "something different" and they really liked it. So we´re going to be teaching and helping them. My companion and I are also teaching some other great families who are excited about the Church. One investigator of ours read 17 chapters of the Book of Mormon in one day.   
So my companion forgot to pay the water bill. All he has to do is call for the secretary of the mission and the secretary pays through the Internet but he put off calling for two weeks. - I had no clue. So the water was cut. We´ve been taking showers in the house of a member who lives close by. We´ve paid the water bill and hopefully the water gets turned back on today. Did I mention how exciting it is that I´m getting a new companion? Ha, but everything is doing well.
So I guess I´ve lost about about 20 pounds out here since I left the CTM. Not completely sure. I´ve forgotten to tell you that this last few weeks it´s been So hot that it´s indescribable. It´s frying inside the house and the second you step out the door the heat is all over you. Everyone is laughing at me because this is only spring and in the summer it gets way hotter. It was already 100 degrees here two days ago I think. It´s going to average 104 pretty soon. Don´t worry though, I´m drinking water and eating fine.
I´m sending pictures of people we´ve been working with and also other things ... like horses. Also sending pictures of my old district from Ijui.
Love you all.

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