Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hey gang,
This week was exciting! There was a baptismal service for all the people in the district. I had the opportunity to baptize Valnai (whom we have been teaching for a few weeks) and to say some words about him at the service. When we first started teaching him, General conference was just around the corner and we invited him to watch a session. Everything went beautifully after that. You can always bank on the Prophet. We were teaching him and he invited us to come and teach him on just about every day for a few weeks. He accepted baptism and to live all of the commandments. One day he became a little overwhelmed and thought that maybe he wasn´t ready or that he shouldn´t be baptized. I knew that he was an elect and only needed help (or a little shove) from the Lord. I asked to use his bathroom and I knelt on the floor and prayed that everything would be okay. When I returned to the room everything changed and we discussed things, shared scriptures and bore testimony and all of his doubts left him.
I still don´t speak Portuguese that well but at the baptismal service and the next day at his confirmation, he and I had a very sophisticated way of communicating: We smile and give each other a thumbs up.  
The language is coming along. Still a head ache and a half but I love it. Keeps me humble and I never have problems expressing at least the basics and I can always get a laugh out of the other Elders and sometimes even out of the Mission President.

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