Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Oi,como vai. Eu estou ótimo. Eu estou aprendendo portuguese. Translation: Hey, How are you? "I am great. I am learning Portuguese." I´m doing well. I´m taking a picture with my district soon. We get to walk all around on p-day but we can´t take pictures outside of the CTM because we´re not supposed to look like tourists. Once I get out in the field I can take pictures though. For now I can only take pictures inside the CTM and only on P-Day. So while there are some beautiful parts of the CTM I´ll just be taking pictures of everything later. When other districts leave, we are allowed to take pictures with them. I´ll be sending you many silly pictures with brazilians soon enough. I´m losing weight and feeling great. Jensen got here today. Because he plays piano, they´ve already got him spending his first p-day (you don´t get to leave the CTM the first p-day) practicing for tonight’s hymn. There´s a lot of Americans and a lot of Brazilians. Currently we have more Americans because more Americans usually show up this time of year. We just got forty New American Elders, Twenty something Brazilians and a few Argentineans last week but there´s hundreds of people here and people are always showing up and leaving. 
I miss Chinese food. Apparently there´s yakisoba somewhere(?) down the street. There´s supposed to be amazing pizza outside the CTM but the pizza places around here usually don´t open until after six (after many people are off work). There is supposedly one pizza place that´s open while we can leave for p-day. Until then it´s just pizza Wednesday inside the cafeteria. The cafeteria pizza is strange and makes Dominoes seem great but pizza outside the ctm walls is supposed to be some of the best in the world. 
I´m having many spiritual experiences and even better experiences in the temple. On Sunday the only free time we have is for either free time or an optional movie in the gym. Elder Hollandsworth always wants to watch the movie. So I take my notes with me and don´t really pay attention. They only have a handful of church films that are allowed so I´ve seen "The Testaments" three times. My blood boils every time I see that the little girl cares more about her pet monkey than the coming of the Savior (Go watch it, It´s true). I love you all. Hope you´re doing well. I´m learning fast. Yesterday I practiced Street contact with a Brazilian District. On Friday I do actual street contact. I´ve got some good phrases memorized and can understand enough to place a Livro de Mormon and make sure they read it. - With Love, Your Elder Devin Lee Hanson

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