Saturday, May 21, 2011

God's Love

It´s really been four weeks. It´s going great here. At the CTM, you can go shopping all over the downtown area on P-day. In Provo you´re cooped up inside the MTC even for P-days. We had a video fireside presentation from President Holland last night talking about how to be better missionaries and how Jesus tells us `feed my sheep` and `come follow me`. The Fireside opened with an American Elder playing an instrumental version of "I Know that My Redeemer Lives". This Elder has an unfortunate burn mark that covers most of the left side of his face. I know that God will heal him when we are in Heaven. I know that God has blessed him immensely because when I heard him play that song, it was proof that God gives each of us beautiful, personal gifts out of His love. After that, an American District sang "Come Thy Fount" and they sounded as the Angels of Heaven. It´s a testimony of our Heavenly Father that he would gather those young men from all over to wind up in the same district and all be so talented. God was giving the missionaries a beautiful thing to behold. Then there were two hymns in Portuguese. Portuguese Hymns are so much more beautiful than the ones in English. It´s really something. Then later, I sang in a combined Portuguese English performance of "I Need Thee Every Hour". Elder Holland's talk was beautiful and helped strengthen my faith in God's love for us.

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