Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Learning the Lingo

Hey Guys, hope everything is going well. I´m feeling well and feeling the spirit all the time. I went out and got two smoothies for p-day. It cost about 2 US dollars for both. In Santa Maria things will be affordable but here in São Paulo it´s a toss up. Here there are very many Super-Rich people and very many people who are dirt poor. The middle class is small. So while I can often find something cheap to eat, there are for instance malls (for the rich) here that sell white t-shirts for essentially 80 US dollars. Elder Jensen was in my district in a companionship of three but now he has his own companion and a new district. Two Brazilians were sharing the room with myself, Elder Barnes, Elder Hollandsworth and Elder Williams. Their names are elder Coembra and Elder Correra. Because they already know the language, they only spend three weeks at the CTM. so they left two nights ago and we miss them very much. We get new Brazilian Elders Tomorrow. I´m sending Mckenna a sample lesson in English and Portuguese. I´ll make sure she sends a copy your way. Tell Dad I love him. I can print in the field but not here at the CTM so I´m scanning all your emails to the best of my ability but I have a limited time to email. I´ll catch up out in the field. The language is coming. I have the First Vision Down in Portuguese and I´ve also memorized the "missionary purpose" from "Pregar Meu Evangelho" (Preach My Gospel) in Portuguese. I miss Asian food and it seems that there´s no such thing as peanut butter around here. Elder Williams has a friend who is coming to the CTM and is attempting to bring many tubs of peanut butter in his suit case. The plan is for me to get one. We´ve had many great firesides and group meetings. I should have packed more shorts. I go through them in Gym. I love you all very much. - Elder Hanson


  1. Glad to hear the language is coming. You sound like a great missionary already. I'll send you peanut butter if it's affordable. Love you!

  2. Hi, you probably don't know who I am, but my name is Jon Rogers, and I got my mission call to Santa Maria a couple months ago, and I report to the Sao Paolo MTC on July 13th (if the visa gets cleared). I stumbled across your blog when I was researching Santa Maria. I just wanted to say that I love reading the blog, and it makes me really, really excited to be down there with Elder Hanson. Maybe I'll be able to meet him in a few months. Thanks for putting in the time to maintain this blog, it means a lot to me.