Monday, November 26, 2012

November 19, 2012

So they say São Pedro is pretty rural and small but compared to the majority of the other areas I´ve been through (most of them were small towns) it´s pretty developed. It´s just a little ways away from Santa Maria which is very developed. It´s funny because when I told them all the areas I´d passed through some Elders said that I got just the "holes" of the mission. It´s like they say though, it´s the missionary that makes the area. I liked a lot of the areas that I passed through and I´m liking this one.
This last week was slow but the good thing is that a few of the people from the branch want to go with us to teach some investigators this week. We just need to find some good investigators. Some of them accept our visits but it´s hard to say if it´s going anywhere.
So I couldn´t tell you that Thanksgiving was just around the corner because they don´t celebrate it here. It´s called Ação de Graças and they sort of know what it is but no one celebrates it here. Well the mission is passing by fast! I remember when I called home last Christmas and another Christmas is already rolling around the corner.
You asked if I wanted anything for my birthday or Christmas. Surprise me. Too bad you can't send root beer, it doesn´t exist here!
So It was a slow week but the good thing is that we got a few people who were semi inactive to come back to the branch and we found a few young married couples this week. We haven´t had too much success lately but I´ve been strengthening my testimony a lot and my companion and I are getting along together well. 
I hope Rick's getting his papers in.
... I miss turkey...
Love, Elder Hanson

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