Monday, April 2, 2012

Lucas and Lenize Baptism!

Hey There,
Well we had a baptism this week! Lucas and Lenize. An extremely
spiritual and special moment. The Baptismal service was in between the second session and the Priesthood session.  This week we also had a few family nights with Lucas' family and other ward families.
We had permission from our Mission President (who called a Seventy to make sure) to do the confirmation on the next day in between the first and second conference session. On Saturday one of the speakers at the baptism gave a great talk about the Holy Ghost and how Lucas and his wife would have this gift with them the next day. However, our Bishop announced at the end of the baptismal service that their confirmation would be next week. He wanted his whole congregation to be there, I suppose. Most of the ward was at the chapel for conference and it would have worked out fine. The problem is that now they are going a week without the Holy Ghost when they don´t need to. As a return missionary here said "It´s seven more days for the enemy to work."  I´m a bit upset but my companion is MORE upset.
Conference was terrific (I understood just about everything) and the
Priesthood session was a real call to action. This week was terrific.
Looks like there´s transfers this week but I don´t think either of us
is going anywhere.
 After the confirmation and everything, I´ll try and put up pictures.
I know I´m driving several people crazy who want pictures.
Love, Elder H.

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