Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Music calms the savage beast - most of the time

Hey Family,
I leave on the 21st of June. I get on a plane with my district and then Elder Hollandsworth and I are the only ones going to Santa Maria so while the rest of the District gets on a connecting flight, we leave the airport on a bus to Santa Maria. Today, some elders came from home and some came from a few weeks at Provo. Some Brazilians and I convinced one of these new Elders that I was from a small town in Bahia. My accent was good enough that I had him going until he saw my name tag and figured it out.  
Good to hear things are going well. I´m praying for uncle Rick and others. On Sunday we had a special fireside before sacrament meeting.  The missionaries (myself included) sang a song called "Ide Por to todo o mundo" it´s solely a Portuguese hymn, I believe. Try to look it up on youtube though. Then we had a Sunday night fireside where we sang a terrific arrangement of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" alternating verses in English and Portuguese.
The chocolate milk was especially good at snack last night. I would hop on a plane every weekend to go to Brazil just for their chocolate milk. I do more street contact this Friday.  Next week we are going to a Brazilian meat house again. We´re going to really have a good time our last p-day together as a district. Hope you´re having a great National Chocolate Ice Cream day. Valentine’s Day is coming up here In Brazil on the 12th. It´s called Dia Dos Namarados.  Roughly translated that´s the day of the Boyfriends. We sing "Called to Serve" three times a week.  Send an ice pick in the mail so I can smite my ears from off of my skull. 

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