Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We went to churrasco (a Brazilian steak house) today. I love it here and will miss all the elders in my district and just the ones that I see at meals and in comings and goings. I leave Tuesday, I´m really making sure this week counts (not that I wasn´t making good use of time before) while I still have instructors to ask questions. We went to the Temple today and the distribution center.  I got a book full of paintings from all the different scriptures and it was cheap too. I bought a Portuguese triple that has tabs and everything. That was a bit expensive. Last week Elder Hollandsworth and I bought matching ties and we signed the back of them so when we´re not companions anymore we have remember-me-by´s. All in all I haven´t spent much money and I´m having a lot of fun here. It´s hard not to just stop and feel amazed when I see a group of Missionaries and teachers having a good time or doing some good work.  Every day I get so many sweet confirmations that this is a great place to be.  
Street Contact went great. We drove to this down town street with four copies of the Book of Mormon per companionship and we placed three of them. Some very positive reactions. The first man we talked to, we placed one with him. We asked him how much he wanted to be with his family forever and he answered something to the affect of  "For this I would give the entire world." He was reading it as we left.  
I´m not sure if we go to the other Temple on the way. It is very likely that I get to call you from the airport or something when I leave the CTM. I hope things are going well, I´m praying that everything with the whole family gets better and better and I´m praying and studying (hard) to make myself better every day. Let Matt Fowler (Rick can get a hold of him on facebook) know to check my blog to keep updated on things and that I´ll be writing him soon.  I love you all.  The language is making more and more sense but It´ll certainly be a tough first few months. I´ll love every minute of it though, don´t worry. Hope things work with Ricks knee. Tell him to email me. Good luck -
Love Elder Hanson

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