Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So my companion didn´t have his camera with him last week so I couldn´t swap his sd card for mine then. Now, however we´ve got the camera and my card works with his camera. 
This week was sunny and hot until wednesday when it rained and rained and rained. There are many brick roads and the bricks are set in this red dirt so when it rains there´s redish orange water gushing in every direction. Thursday it rained less than wednesday but was freezing cold then the rest of the week the sun came back out and it´s been very hot. I´ve had to wear my suit in the baking sun two times this week. Today it´s beautiful out.
Last week we decided to visit an inactive member so we stopped by his house and asked to come in. He explained that he had gone on a mission and knew that the Church was true. He had a sort of falling out with some of the members which led him to go inactive. When we visited him he had  scraggly hair and a beard. Some time ago he somehow fell from I think three stories and had tried to brace his fall with his arms. So when we saw him he was wearing casts on both arms and had gone through many surgeries. He just wasn´t happy. We asked to share a message and told him how we needed him at the church as our brother in the Priesthood and as a member of the Kingdom here. He commited to come to church on sunday last week. AND HE CAME. We visited him this monday and he was able to have his casts removed (his arms still aren´t in very good shape) and he got a shave and a haircut. He´s smiling all the time and multiple times this week we saw him making rounds/visits to other members with the ward missionaries and the second councilor to the bishop. This sunday he gave the prayer in preisthood and he´s just can I put this? He´s really back and he´s happy. He was only waiting for a nudge and now the church is everything in his life again. 
One of our investigators knows that the book of mormon is true, she knows the church is true, has no problems with our church leadership or anything like that but she was baptized into the evangelical church and just can not see how she needs to be rebaptized. We´re also having trouble convincing her to give up some of the things from the evangelical church. The women in the evangelical church can´t cut their hair for instance. We try to consult the scriptures but it´s like talking to a brick wall about these things. We love her and we´re helping her but it´s dificult. She´s still coming to church so pray for her and things should work out. 
Our other investigator with an upcoming baptismal date was supposed to come to church yesterday. We visited him in the morning to make sure he was coming. Somewhere between the visit and the start of church his aunt had a heart atack! Today we were able to teach him about the plan of salvation at the chapel with the other boys his age.
This sunday we had three investigators at church. Two of them are young boys, they really seem to like church and are fitting in well with the boys here. We´re confident they will join the church and the parents of the boys have potential as well. Sunday was very special. I had a lot of fun and funny experiences with members and other missionaries and this week we found a whole bunch more people to teach and they have a lot of potential. It´s hard because we´re opening an area but things are rolling. As for the language... it´s coming. They say you´re fluent after three months in the field. I´m chipping away at it and just hoping I´m somewhere around fluent by then. 
Pictures: So this is just from the mtc and the mission presidents house. More coming soon. We´re going to take pictures of cows and other awesome things.

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